Here’s a list of the Top Ten draft picks, hope you enjoy.

1.Tom Boyd-GWS

2.Joshua Kelly-GWS

3.Jack Billings-St Kilda

4.Marcus Bontempelli-Western Bulldogs

5.Kade Kolodjashnij-Gold Coast

6.Matthew Scharenberg-Collingwood

7.James Aish-Brisbane

8.Luke McDonald-North Melbourne

9.Christian Salem-Melbourne

10.Nathan Freeman-Collingwood

AFL 2014

AFL in 2014 is going to be great, with new coaches, new players, and new rising stars, more people will write there name into the history books, a new brownlow winner, if Gary Ablett doesn’t, reign supreme, but back on the track of things, footy’s going to be a whole lot different so get ready.


The afl draft is an event that is crucial for teams, it could be the beginning of the rise of a club, so this off field event could be the difference of your team winning a flag?


Question: If you had a number 1 draft pick, who would you choose?

Grand Final

Sorry about this late post, but the AFL 2013 season is over with Hawthorn claiming the flag from flag less Fremantle, in a 15 point game that separated the two teams, but the inaccurate Nathan Fyfe could have cost Fremantle the game, for the viewers, the first half was a boring half, with not much play happening, the second quarter was better but only enjoyable for Hawks fans.

The score was

Hawthorn 11.11  77


Fremantle 8.14  62


Thank you for tuning in for finals footy see you next year for another year of football.

Week 3

It’s week 3 of the AFL Finals  and only 4 teams remain.

the teams are






Hawthorn will be playing Geelong, while Fremantle will have an encounter with the reigning premiers (Sydney) .

Geelong have a good record against Hawthorn but have they used up their nine lives? Will Sydney continue from last years greatness? Or will Fremantle make their first ever grand final? It really comes down to these matches, because this can make terminals final more interesting because some teams are stronger at different points to the other teams who that point might be there weakness?

Well two more weeks to go then it’s in to cricket season,

See you next week,


Week 2 of the Finals

2 teams have been eliminated, the two teams expected to make it to the next week, but no, they were knocked out of the finals by Port Adelaide and Carlton respectably, the teams who were eliminated were: Richmond and Collingwood.

The Teams who are progressing are:






Port Adelaide

Stay tuned for the teams going through to the prelims.


The FINALS!!!!!!!!

It’s that time of year again, the time where teams discover greatness, but the real question is,

Who will win? Who will reign supreme? Who will be the team to beat?

My pick is Hawthorn but hopefully the mighty cats will come out on top,

but the teams playing in the finals are….








Port Adelaide



Leave your pick of who you think is going to win the flag!!!!!!!!!

Essendon Fc

Now, you all know about the Essendon Saga and how it’s unfolded right?  Well James Hird isn’t in the best position, and has been charged with a 12 month suspension in the game we love so dearly, but was it the right choice? was it too much? was it not enough? should he banned forever? and should the players be charged more? It’s a question that people need to know what other people think? well for starters lets see what you think by commenting.

Thanks, and goodbye.